Barbarian Bros

This week, you get a triple feature that I’ll refer to as the Barbarian Brothers Trilogy.  Three classic films, unrelated beyond their featuring the highly loveable Barbarian Brothers.

The Barbarians
The Barbarian Brothers as The Barbarians in The Barbarians.

First is 1986’s THE BARBARIANS.  If you know a Barbarian Brothers movie, it’s probably this one.  TWO twins in a fantasy world that isn’t very fantastical.  Here, they’re Kutchek and Gore, slaves turned gladiators turned barbarians, out to fight the evil tyrant Kadar, and rescue the queen of the Ragnicks, Canary, who has a magic belly button ruby.

You can cobble the whole thing together yourself on youtube, starting with part one:

Or you can just watch the whole movie HERE (also on youtube) with German subtitles.

Next is DOUBLE TROUBLE (1992).

Double Trouble
Opposites Attract

This time, they’re two twins, but one’s a cop and one’s a cat burglar, and they have to put aside their differences to stop a ham-handed jewelry smuggling ring. If that’s not enough, the movie also features Rowdy Roddy McDowall and James Doohan.  Bill Mumy, too.  Double Trouble?  More like… Cinq… Five.  More like FIVE Trouble.

Bonus points for James Doonhan’s line “Vreau sa-mi cer scuze pentru baieti mei, tipat ca niste bovine in demineata aceasta.”  Watch the whole movie here with Spanish subtitles:

Finally, there’s TWIN SITTERS (1994).

Barbarian Bros as Twin Sitters
Someone let these guys babysit their kids.

This time, they’re two twins working as waiters who think they should be running their own restaurant, but no one will loan them money.  All of this changes when they save a corrupt businessman who has decided to turn states’ evidence.  Naturally, he hires them to babysit his trouble-making twin nephews while he’s away.  From here, things get downright incredulous.

Need more of a reason to watch?  Rena Sofer and Mother Love are here, too!  There’s a version with Latvian subtitles on youtube, but who want to read while you’re watching a movie?  So here’s part 1, and you can piece the movie together yourselves:

These maybe aren’t movies you need in your collection, unless you can find a DVD triple pack for 5 dollars, but I think they’re worth watching in the right setting.  Additionally, I think that Twin Sitters would pair well with SANTA WITH MUSCLES, starring Hulk Hogan (like having a steak and a chicken for dinner).

Here’s Double Trouble on DVD (amazon).

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