Basket Case 3: The Progeny

Bast Case 3 Belial
Belial Spaghetti Party

Congratulations, me, I watched this movie. Basket Case 3. The Progeny. The whole thing. I haven’t covered Basket Case 2, and this movie is a direct sequel to it, but just watch Basket Case, and then stop. While this movie has some merits, you are better off, your time better spent, watching Freaked. Even if you have seen Freaked 10 or 12 times, just watch it again.

Basket Case 3 Cop Killer
This makes the movie seem enticing, but…

OR, watch the original Basket Case, which successfully succeeds at being the kind of movie it needs to be. Then, if you must, hop over to youtube and find a short collection of clips from Basket Case 3, like the murders in the police station. DO NOT, however, mistake these scenes as a reason to watch the whole movie, because aside from a few good mutants, baby Belials, and a Belial mech, there are better ways to spend your night. BUH-LYLE.

Here’s the link, in CASE it shows up on Amazon.

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