Black Roses

This movie is pretty straight forward: a bunch of 30-somethings are still in high school, and they’re super-psyched to find out that their favorite band, the Black Roses, are coming to their podunk (and Canadian) town to play FOUR consecutive shows.  Local parents, on the other hand, think that rock ‘n’ roll is the devil, so they protest the admittedly bizarre series of concerts.  In the middle of this is the really cool, mustached high school English teacher and his drinking buddy, the mayor, who believe the concerts to be harmless, and that rock music is free speech, so it’s ok.  BUT ACTUALLY, the band is demons and their lead singer, Damian, is evil, and all of the kids are turning into monsters.  So in the end, parents, and especially conservatives, are right.

Black Roses MonsterBlack Roses was finely crafted by some of the same people who brought us Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, and the two films feel like siblings, although Black Roses is a little more rewarding.  Some of that, I think, comes from the absurd message prominently displaying itself throughout Black Roses- rock ‘n’ roll will corrupt your kids.  One concert will turn them into smoking, back-talking, sex-having punks.  Overnight.  It also has a better soundtrack, featuring bands like Lizzy Borden and King Kobra.  This movie has metal, tits, demons, murder, puppet monsters, quality acting, quality dialog, a man getting pulled into a demonic speaker, a loose semblance of a story, a really lame final boss fight, and it’s full of great film-making decisions.  It’s a testament to what you can do with little money and little talent, and I love it.

Black Roses - Your Cool Protagonist
Cool guy at a cool party.

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