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Growing up, this was the quintessential bad movie.  Of course, this was before people really understood what truly constitutes a bad movie.  Generally speaking, though, regular jackoffs probably won’t really like the follow-up to the hit film Breakin’.

Breakin 2 Ozone

If you haven’t seen Breakin’, you don’t really need to worry about it, because this sequel begins with all the exposition you will need to get caught up.  The story is not too important, because the movie is mostly an excuse for dancers to get paid to act instead of getting real jobs.  The three main characters, Kelly (aka Special K), Ozone, and Turbo all return, but Kelly has made something of her life, while Turbo and Ozone continue to be dance bums.  They could get jobs, but they would much rather dance and hang out with children.

Breakin 2 Turbo
Turbo and his dream girl

Kelly’s reunion with her forgotten friends quickly turns into the movie’s plot, though, as an evil developer sets his sights on the dilapidated and structurally unsound community center that Ozone and Turbo run.  Now, the trio is forced to find a way to save the center and stop the demolitions crew.  Of course, they attempt to do this with dance.  Dance solves everything. There is actually a pretty decent scene where Turbo defies physics and dances on the walls and ceiling of his room, where, if I understand correctly, he shares a bed with Ozone.  Their relationship is a little ambiguous at times.

Breakin 2 Serious Streets
These guys are serious. Take them serious.

Breakin’ 2 has some fairly absurd moments and ridiculous dialog,  it’s cheesy and full of spandex, but it utilizes a lot of ’80s movie tropes, too.  Watching it 30 years after its release, you won’t see too many things you haven’t seen before, though I think that if you had watched it in the ’80s, it would not have been all that revolutionary, either.  Its old status as the worst movie ever made is hardly deserved, though.  It’s not even the worst sequel ever made, even in its own time.  People just were not aware of worse movies, or maybe the title/premise of this one was an easy target.

Breakin 2 Ozone is serious and cool.

Things to note about this movie:

  • Ebert gave it 3 stars.  Out of 4.
  • It’s a Golan-Globus production
  • Ice-T is in this movie (he was in the last one, too)
  • It was directed by Sam Firstenberg (American Ninja, American Samurai, Cyborg Cop)

In the end, I would say that Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo is worth watching once, but it does not really compare to the next film…

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