Class of 1984

Class of 1984 - The Worst Kid of AllAs most movies will tell you, the future sucks.  Especially in high school.  Future high schools are individually equivalent to the worst cities in America.  What sets this movie apart is that it was partially based on real events, much like Serial Mom, and that it’s Canadian, so all of the tough stuff is laughable.  If a Canadian movie about brutal teens isn’t enough for you, it was also a box office success, features an Alice Copper song, and stars the late, great Roddy McDowall.  Unlike most movies in this vein, Class of 1984 is also EXTREMELY pessimistic, having been filmed in 1982.  Tim Van Patten is here, too, if you care.

Class of 1984 - All Stars
These guys are just the worst…

Class of 1984 - Michael FoxSo, as usual, 25-year-old high school kids are shit.  There’s a couple of good ones, like a young Michael J. Fox, but most of them are ruining band practice, selling drugs, fighting, and running prostitution rings.  Enter: Andy.  Andy is the new teacher in town, and he thinks this crap is bananas.  This movie has a rabbit-loving, gun-toting teacher, wife rape, a guy beating himself up (think Fight Club), and DEATH.  Class of 1984 was made by Mark L. Lester , who later made the obviously awesome “Commando.”  It’s not really LIKE Commando, but the big finale does take place at a music recital (as with Commando, if I remember right).  And there is a bit of killing going on.

Black Roses - Masked Troublemakers
Who watches the Watchmen?

Lester later made a pseudo-sequel, Class of 1999, which is a movie for another day, but one I recommend.  There’s also the Troma-made Class of Nuke ‘Em High, go ahead and watch that, too.  We watched these BEFORE Class of 1984, but maybe you should watch 1984 first, to better appreciate the following films.  Is Class of 1984 worth watching?  I’d say “give it a go.”  If you don’t like it after the first 15 minutes, wait 5 more minutes.

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