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It looks like a romance novel, but it’s even better.

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this one, but Daughters of Satan is an early ’70s horror film starring Tom Selleck.  This was one of his earliest roles, possibly his first starring movie role, and not one he’s really remembered for.  If you can believe it, this movie doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry.  In fact, go look at Tom Selleck’s Wikipedia page right now- there’s no mention of Daughters of Satan, other than being listed on his filmography at the bottom!  Baffling.

Daughters of Satan Tiny Mirror
Now I know that I look like the girl in this painting. Thanks, tiny mirror.

Selleck plays James Robertson, who buys a painting of three witches being burned at the stake, and it turns out that one of the witches in the painting looks a whole lot like his wife, Chris.  As usual, buying a weird painting lands the buyer in a world of witchcraft, disembodied voices, bad housekeepers, reincarnation, cults, and wives going insane.  PLUS, he’s living in the Philippines, so everything is exponentially worse.  The ’70s spawned a slew of bad horror movies, but Daughters of Satan wasn’t one of them.

Daughters of Satan Conquistador
Tom Selleck can say he’s been dressed like a conquistador. Can you?

Daughters of Satan rates at 3.7/10, but if you want a point of reference on that, The Conjuring (2013) has a 7.7/10, An American Haunting (2005) has a 4.9, and Paranormal Activity (2007), which deserves a 1/10, has a 6.4/10.  None of these movies are even close to good, let alone being better than Daughters of Satan.  It has B-Movie qualities, while still being good enough to not have to call it a “good bad movie” behind its back.  Look, it has a 1 star review on Amazon because it’s insulting to pagans.  Don’t take the criticisms seriously.  Daughters of Satan is worth watching, and it has a good ending.

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