DC Cab

I only found out recently that this movie exists, thanks to Netflix.  DC Cab is a 1983 comedy by Joel Schumacher, who made other movies besides Batman and Robin, but I’m just going to go ahead and tell you that DC Cab was made by the guy who made Batman and Robin.  To his credit, though, he’s made a bunch of movies that are nothing like Batman and Robin, so Batman and Robin is quite possibly not his fault.  Right, so DC Cab.  Look at the poster:

D.C. Cab Poster
Mr. T towers over the rest of the cast of future nobodies.

Mr. T seems to be this movie’s mascot, but he’s not the main character, and probably doesn’t feature in the movie any more than the other 37 main characters.  The premise is simple enough: Albert Hockenberry (played by Adam Baldwin, who you probably know from Firefly, and maybe from a few basically unheard-of movies, like Full Metal Jacket, Predator 2, and Independence Day) decides to move to Washington D.C. and drive a cab for his father’s old army buddy.  We’ve all been there.  The other cabbies are a motley crew of good natured lunatics.  ALSO, Gary Busey is here, though I’m convinced he was actually just there to be a cabby and had no idea there was a movie being filmed around him.

D.C. Cab Gary Busey
Gary just being Gary

Albert tries to inspire the other cabbies to work as a team to make the cab company great, but everyone’s reluctant to stop bitching and complaining.  Luckily, they find a violin in one of their cabs, worth a 10,000 dollar reward, which was a huge payoff in 80’s money.  But then the money gets stolen.  Later, a young Harry Potter and Hermione get kidnapped, and the cabbies have to rescue them.  You’ll have to watch the movie to figure out how any of that makes sense, IF it even makes sense at all.  DC Cab has an ALL STAR CAST:  Adam Baldwin, Gary Busey, Mr. T, Bill Maher, the Barbarian Brothers, Charlie Barnett, Whitman Mayo… probably everyone in the movie has a Wikipedia entry, that’s how all-star it is.  It’s full of 80’s tropes, and of course it has a montage.  All-in-all, it’s pretty good.  Worth watching at least once, and maybe worth owning, but I wouldn’t necessarily push it.

D.C. Cab Racism
Look how racist this guy is. He’s waving at Chinese people.

This is how the movie starts, so… yeah.

Get it on Amazon.

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