Disco Godfather

Disco Godfather Put Your Weight on it
Put your weight on it!

Until I sat down to write this, I never thought of Disco Godfather as being a favorite movie of mine, but now I think it may actually be one.  The movie stars Rudy Ray Moore, who you may or may not know as Dolemite.  If you don’t, you should, because there’s 3 Dolemite movies.  He’s not some nobody.  Let’s get into Dolemite later, though.

Disco Godfather Fight

SO, he’s not Dolemite, but Moore is someone just as good (maybe even better): Tucker Williams.  Williams is a retired cop who was probably the best cop the force ever had because he’s entirely bad ass.  Now, though, he’s a DJ and owner of the Blueberry Hill disco… place.  What do you call a breeding den for disco?  Whatever it is, it’s one of those…  And, oh yeah, he’s the DISCO GODFATHER.  No one can out-disco this guy.  He’s like disco personified.

Disco Godfather Strange Trip
What a long, strange trip it’s been…

But then, ANGEL DUST hits the streets!  PCP!  Williams won’t have drugs on his streets, and he takes extreme action.  What follows is an incredible movie with one of the BEST endings I’ve ever seen.  I still think about it.  Though I really want to write about it, I won’t spoil anything, because it’s great, right down to the final frame.  He’s not all business, though.  Williams leaves himself plenty of time to disco and rhyme and sweat and shout at you to “Put your weight on it!”

This movie belongs in my collection- everything about it is great.

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