Gigle Phone
One of these characters is mentally challenged.

Gigli is a weird movie. I probably shouldn’t like it as much as I do, but I can’t help it. Everything about this movie is unlikely. In fact, “unlikely” is probably the most concise way to sum the whole thing up. Critical reception of Gigli is extremely negative, but nearly everyone is looking at this movie in the wrong light. You have to ignore the film’s intent almost entirely, and when you do, Gigli becomes fantastic.

Gigli Walken
Inept henchman + lesbian assassin = zero chemistry

Ben Affleck plays Larry Gigli, an inept low-level mobster henchman who should never be taken seriously enough to be working for the mob. He’s forced to team up and live with a lesbian assassin named Ricki, played by Jennifer Lopez. Ricki has extensive, bizarre monologs about vaginas and pulling out people’s eyes. Together, they have to babysit the mentally retarded/intellectual disabled brother of a California district attorney, whom Gigli kidnapped. A romantic comedy ensues, I guess. I’m not sure what the endgame in all of this actually is, and I’ve seen Gigli quite a few times. In fact, I bought it on DVD after watching it once because it’s pretty great.  Check this out:

FAN-tastic. That’s pretty great, right?   I don’t even think Walken was scheduled to be in the movie, he just walked on set by mistake and played himself.  Guess who else is here…

Gigle Al Pacino
Surprise, for some reason.

Ta-Da!  There’s a strange, absurd quality running through the movie.  It’s clearly unintentional, but it’s there, and it makes Gigli into something it wasn’t intended to be, but that’s ok, because, for me, what it became was something far better than any filmmaker could have intentionally made it.

Get it on Amazon.

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