AND THEN THERE WAS GLITTER.  Actually, Glitter happened before Crossroads… in fact, Crossroads probably should have learned from Glitter.  Or maybe it did, and that’s how it ended up as good as it did.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that Glitter is not so great.

Glitter Cover
Lisa Frank’s first feature film

It’s the story of Billie, who goes from being an orphan (abandoned by a drunk mother) to a club dancer to a backup dancer to a superstar.  Billie forms a relationship with Dice.  A lot of dumb stuff happens, and the movie will occasionally make you angry, but the ending will probably make you feel a lot better about the whole thing.  One of Glitter’s big problems is that it’s over 90 minutes long (104 running time), and should have been 20 minutes shorter.  On the plus side, you get Terrence Howard and Da Brat.  Just kidding about the “plus side.”

Glitter Trio
Glitter and her cool band. They’re OUT-rageous!

If you like cliches and bad acting, Glitter has it in spades.  It’s not a well regarded bit of cinema, but this has more to due with it having been released right after the 9/11 attacks than the movie itself- at least, that’s how Mariah sees it.

Glitter and boyfriend
Glitter and her cool boyfriend. You can tell he’s cool by looking at him.

It’s not Crossroads, Cool As Ice, or Showgirls, but Glitter is “a’ight,” and worth watching at least once.

Get it on Amazon.

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