Hercules Against Karate

Mr. Hercules and his Chinese Sumo friend
Yeah, why not.

Hercules Against Karate is also known as Mr. Hercules against Karate, or in Italian, Schiaffoni e karate. Mysteriously, there’s no trailer for it on Youtube. Useless!  This film is an action “comedy” by Antonio Margheriti, starring a bunch of people you’ve never heard of.  It works as a comedy, but for largely the wrong reasons.  Its attempts at slapstick are beyond ham-handed, the dubbing is as good as dubbing should be, and the protagonists are unlikeable.  No one in the movie is named Hercules.  The Hercules character is named Percy.  Maybe his last name is Hercules?  He’s strong and dumb, and he ends up going to China with his friend because they get hired by a Chinese guy to go get his wife back from an evil Kung Fu master.

Kung Fu Samurai Man
Eyeliner Samurai teaches Chinese henchman how to Kung Fu.

In China, characters have authentic Chinese names, like Skoo Yoo and Hung Lo.  The latter is the evil Kung Fu master.  He trains his henchmen in Kung Fu by having an eyeliner-wearing Samurai not teach them Kung Fu at all.  You may infer that the movie is racist.

Mr. Hercules Against Football
Mr. Hercules Against Football

This one may not be worth owning, and it may not be for everyone, but I think it’s worth watching because it’s entirely dumb.  Dumb for a lot of the right reasons, though.  And it ends with poop jokes.

Get it on Amazon.

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