Jack the Giant Killer

Jack the Giant Killer Monster Battle

Don’t confuse this movie with the recent Jack the Giant Slayer (2013).  Jack the Giant Killer (1962) is sort of based on the old folktale of the same name and features stop motion animation.  Two versions of this movie exist, and one’s a musical!  This movie has dragons, wizards, bottled leprechauns, drunks, magic toys, witches, a chimp, sea monsters, and a cool hero.

Jack the Giant Killer Jack
The movie is full of cool phallic men.

Surprisingly, this movie has a 6.4/10 on IMDB.  There’s probably a bit of nostalgia at play in the ratings, because going into this movie as an adult, never seeing it as a kid, Jack the Giant Killer is pretty bad.  “Good bad,” at least, but I’m cutting it a little slack because it’s 50 years old.

Jack the Giant Killer Elaine
A witch or something.

I would love to see the musical version, because “songs were dubbed onto the soundtrack. Some of the footage was doctored to make it look like some of the original cast were singing rather than speaking their dialog.”  There’s a Rifftrax version, which I have seen, and it’s really good- so if you’re going to watch this movie, watch it with them.  They say more about it than I could (or want to).

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