Jingle All the Way

Jingle All the Way Santas
Just before the brawl breaks out, the calm before the storm.

By now, I expected everyone to have seen Jingle All the Way, but surprisingly, I’m finding out that several people haven’t seen it.  This movie is on TV constantly this time of year, go watch it.  It’s pretty bad, but it’s also pretty good.  Arnold Schwarzenegger plays workaholic/bad father Howard Langston, who engages in a death race against postal worker Myron Larabee, played by Sinbad.  They’re both after a Turbo-Man action figure, but it’s the day before Christmas, and humanity is insane.  The movie drives home the point that holidays are commercialized.

Jingle All the Way Last One
Arnold gets heckled by Robin Williams from Toys and a guy from The Hangover.

The movie is considered a satire, but I have another take.  There’s a scene where Howard falls on the sidewalk, hits his head, and dies.  The rest of the movie is an increasingly bizarre death fantasy.  Howard journeys through strange places, faces his own shortcomings, falls, ascends, and finally achieves what he never achieved in life, which allows him to move on… It’s a lot like Jacob’s Ladder, only portrayed in a more family-friendly way.

Turbo Man Tengu
Turbo Man makes off with yet another young boy.

Jingle All the Way is pretty famous, I shouldn’t have to say much about it.  It’s bad, but worth watching.

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