Leonard Part 6

Leonard Part 6 ostrich
Leonard escapes by ostrich.

Today’s movie is Bill Cosby’s shame, Leonard Part 6.  Made in 1986, it stars Bill Cosby as super spy Leonard Parker, Joe Don Baker as his boss, and Gloria Foster as the villain, Medusa, an evil vegetarian who lives in a tuna factory and kills people with brainwashed animals.  Besides being a restaurant owner and the greatest CIA super spy ever, Leonard is also trying to mend his relationship with his estranged wife (who lives nearby), and deal with his flaky 20 year old daughter, who is currently involved with a 50+ year old man (plus he’s a playwright).

Leonard Part 6 Meduse
Medusa and her orb.

The movie is treated like it’s the 6th installment of a series, but no other Leonard movies exist, unless Bill Cosby managed to destroy all evidence of them.  It received several Golden Raspberry Awards, which Cosby himself accepted, and he denounced Leonard Part 6 weeks before it even released.  He urged people to not watch it, and even bought the television rights to ensure it never aired on television!

Leonard Part 6 Exercise
Leonard gets in shape

I heard about this one through Jay Sherman, but I only recently watched it.  In fact, I bought it on DVD after watching the trailer, because I couldn’t imagine this movie being as unwatchable as everyone claimed… and it’s not.  Actually, it convinced me that Cosby really is a decent comedian.  Hate for this film seems misguided, further proving that my taste in movies is likely irredeemably skewed.

Leonard Part 6 Hot Dog
Leonard unleashes his wiener.

Leonard Part 6 features:

Cosby riding an ostrich off of an exploding building
Frogs jumping in unison under a man’s car, making it hop into the river (killing the man)
Cosby using ballet to fight men dressed as birds (and they dance)
A henchman’s head exploding due to a hotdog
A bizarre psychic who Cosby doesn’t understand, but trusts implicitly
A makeover montage
Killer bee seduction
Killer lobsters (regular lobsters, really, but maybe they can kill)
Cosby rubbing meat on henchmen to defeat them
Leonard Part 6 Birdman Fight
Leonard v. Birdman

This one isn’t good bad due to acting, or mistakes, or any of the normal good bad criteria, but I think it’s worth watching, and that it’s worth having in my collection- it’s pretty ridiculous (I’ve heard people call it “strange”), and its reputation is a little undeserved.

Get it on Amazon.

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