Mac and Me

Man and Me Mac
Make him cute, like E.T. // Ok, here you go.

Remember E.T.?  Its original working title was E.T. and Me.  Stewart Raffill remembered it so well that he made his own version of it called Mac and Me.  This movie is basically E.T., but with a lot more product placement.  Much, much more than E.T.  E.T. has product placement, sure, but Mac and Me takes it to Super Saiyan levels.

Mac and Me MExican Standoff
Holy god, kill them!

Mac is a “mysterious alien creature” who subsists on  Coca-Cola and Skittles.  He initially lives with his horrific, emaciated family on another planet until NASA lands there and sucks them all up in a vacuum and brings them back to Earth.  After escaping NASA HQ, Mac terrifies children, trashes houses, and dances at McDonald’s.  More like MacDonald’s, amirite?  Oh, also, his little boy sidekick is in a wheelchair.

Mac hangs out with children while NASA hitmen hunt him down.  And the movie ends with the words “We’ll Be Back!” over the final frame… so already, they expected this behemoth to be a giant success.  Unfortunately for them, the only thing this movie succeeds at is failing.  It was not well received, though it did win a couple of Golden Raspberries, and was nominated for Worst Picture BUT LOST TO COCKTAIL.   Tough call, I guess.  Also, this is how Jennifer Aniston broke into showbiz.

Mac and Me Nationalize
WHERE in America would this be ok?

So, if you’ve seen E.T., this is the Best Choice version of that movie, if it had fallen off the delivery truck and sat in a gutter for several weeks, with a bunch of dead pigs and dogs and hitchhikers, while the weather alternated between record highs and lots of rain.  It’s pretty great.  I made it sound terrible, but it’s worth watching, so go watch it. If you need extra convincing:

The kid’s name is Eric, but doesn’t he look like a Jodie?

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