Miami Connection

Friends through eternity.  Loyalty, honesty.  We’ll stick together through thick or thin.  Friends forever, we’ll be together.  We’re on top, ’cause we play to win.  

Miami Connection Friends
Just doing what friends do.

These are cool lyrics by the band Dragon Sound.  Maybe you’ve never heard of Dragon Sound, but they are a group of cool Taekwondo pals who pal around and do Taekwondo and play in Dragon Sound.  Clearly, the ’80s were a magical time, an era unlikely to ever occur again in the whole of human history.

Miami Connection is a film made by and starring a beautiful human being name Y. K. Kim.  This man took himself to the brink of bankruptcy to make one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  When Miami Connection came out, it was basically universally panned, which is unfortunate, because it’s so, SO good.  So good, in fact, that it wasn’t released on DVD until the very end of 2012- thus fulfilling the Mayan prophecy and saving the world.  So now that the threat of elder gods no longer looms over us, we can all enjoy Miami Connection.

Miami Connection Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad hated Dragon Sound so much, he would later ban all Taekwondo-based bands from Iran.

Five college students, who really know what friendship is all about, and who are masters of Taekwondo, battle biker-ninjas and cocaine dealers.  This is more or less the plot of Miami Connection.  It doesn’t get too much more ’80s than that, I’m pretty sure.  This is a midnight movie, no doubt.  Like other films in this realm, I don’t want to call this a “good bad movie,” but that’s a phrase most people can understand… if I have to use that, though, I would actually take it up a notch and call Miami Connection a “GREAT bad movie.”

Miami Connection Y.K. Kim
Look. He’s serious.

Personally, I tend to gauge how good a movie is by how little I have to say about it.  If I can write several paragraphs about it, it’s not that great.  If I don’t have a lot to say about it, it’s because the movie is fantastic and speaks for itself.  This is the case with Miami Connection- there’s little I need to say about it, besides “own it.”  It definitely belongs in my collection, and if you like what I like, it belongs in your collection, too.  If you’ve never seen it, just buy it.  Seriously.  Miami Connection gets hands-down approval from me.  It could kill my whole family, and I’d keep it in my collection… but it wouldn’t do that, since it understands good sportsmanship, friendship, loyalty, and honesty. When I’m weak, it makes me strong.

See if you can spot the scene where Y. K. Kim’s character is accidentally depicted as checking out young girls.

This has been featured on Best of the Worst, and there is a Rifftrax version.

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