Mitchell and Final Justice

Today you get two movies, but they both star Joe Don Baker.

Mitchell Loose Cannon
He’s a loose cannon.

In Mitchell, Baker plays an unlikeable anti-hero named, surprisingly, Mitchell.  Mitchell is one of those loose-cannon kinds of police detectives that chiefs are always grumbling about.  He’s an out of shape, alcoholic piece of crap living in a garbage-and-porn-cluttered apartment.  He won’t hesitate to get into an argument with a child, he doesn’t treat his prostitute all that well, AND he has his own theme song.  He’s inept, stupid, incompetent, and dangerous… but he always get his man.

Mitchell Beer
Beer and hookers and a cool apartment. Cool life.

Baker does a pretty good job of bringing to life a character who doesn’t care about how he looks or smells, or whether he obeys the law or shoots anyone who gets in his way so long as he accomplishes his own goals on his own terms.  The movie has a bit of violence, unwanted sex scenes, slow car chases, questionable editing, a helicopter chasing a boat, fights, and good dialog.  I recommend watching it.  There’s a Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, but it’s not necessary to enjoy Mitchell.  I’d actually recommend watching the movie on its own, then watching the MST3K version.

Mitchell v. kid
Granted, the kid’s an asshole, but Mitchell is infinitely worse.

Once you’ve done that, you can turn your attention to Final Justice.  This time, Joe Don plays Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, a Texas sheriff and total jackass.  When his partner is killed by an Italian mobster, Geronimo tracks the guy down and escorts him back to Malta… but the guy escapes, so Geronimo rampages across foreign soil with no regard for anything but his own goals on his own terms.

Final Justice
Sheriff America McJackass Fuckyou-s-a. Texas rules.

He’s no Mitchell, but he still holds his own in recklessness and overall unlikeability.  There are car chases, boat chases, boobs, brawls, gun fights, and swear words.  How does a small town sheriff from Texas NOT create an international incident while run-and-gunning all over Malta?  Who cares?  Geronimo is so badass, consequences never matter.  This one also has an MST3K version, and it’s worth watching either way.

I’d be more likely to own Mitchell and just watch Final Justice, but if you’re going the MST3K route, you may as well own both.

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