Monster Brawl

Monster Brawl. Buh.
Nope. Keep scrolling.

Forget about it, this movie is not “so bad it’s good,” it is so bad it’s boring.  There is nothing redeeming about it.  Eight monsters fight in wresting-style matches to win some monster-fighting tournament.  Most of the movie is announcers commentating on the fights, and occasional moments of Lance Henriksen’s beautiful voice.  Dave Foley is here, as is Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash, and Herb Dean, but who cares?  I couldn’t.  Look, I will give just about ANYTHING a chance.  I watched at least 4 episodes of Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time before I gave up on it, and I will somewhat defend Hellgate (1989), too, so my tolerance IS pretty high, but Monster Brawl…  The IDEA is there, but it makes 90 minutes feel like a thousand boring lifetimes.  Move along.

It’s on Amazon,  but don’t watch it.

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