New Year’s Evil

New Year's Evil - GMILF HostThis is a 1980s slasher movie that I’m surprised I didn’t know about until it appeared on Netflix a couple of years ago.  It makes me wonder what else is out there.  The story follows iconic cougar Blaze, as she hosts a nationwide New Year’s countdown for her throngs of teenage followers.

During the show, though, she receives a call from a stoma-voiced lunatic (named Eeee-villl) who announces that he will kill someone at midnight in each time zone. New Year's Evil - The Man Himself That is, he won’t travel to each time zone, but when midnight happens in a time zone, he will kill someone in the time zone he’s in.  He’s not just going to kill anyone, though, he’s focusing on naughty girls.  Plus, he’s going to kill Blaze.  So, Blaze is working with the police while her adult son manifests various mommy issues and plays with panty hose, and the killer wears an incredibly fake mustache so he can pick up chicks.


New Year's Evil - Rockin' Band!
Rockin’ parties need rockin’ bands.

This is a Golan-Globas movie, so you know it’s quality based on that alone.  Aside from the mustache, the killer also sports a great mask, there’s some really good dialog, some really awful music, angry bikers, death by bag of weed, nervous diarrhea, Eric Estrada name-dropping, and attempted elevator murder.  New Year’s Evil is like an early Scream prototype, but the killer looks a lot cooler.  I’ve seen it twice, it’s probably worth watching once.

New Year's Evil - Kill this Bitch
You’ll want to kill her, too.

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