Return to Horror High

Horror High
A 13 Year Old Kevin Bacon plays the Protagonist/Antagonist.

In the mid-70s, there was a largely forgettable horror film called Horror High.  It’s basically a teenage Jekyll and Hide story (something I’m surprised isn’t currently airing on the CW).  A high school nerd/super scientist invents a concoction that turns both his guinea pig, Mr. Mumps, and himself into a monster of some kind.  Naturally, he stalks through the school each night, killing off the faculty.  Along the way, he wins the heart of the jock’s girlfriend, but also the police are after him, because he’s pretty obvious about what he’s doing.  In the end, the police shoot him to death.

Return to Horror High Killer
It’s like Scream, except they stopped making them.

Then, in the ’80s, Return to Horror High happened.  This movie was George Clooney’s big film debut.  It’s not really a sequel to Horror High, although the story revolves around a series of unsolved murders that took place years earlier.  When Harry Sleerik comes to town to make a movie about the murders, the killer apparently returns, because people start dying and disappearing.

Return to Horror High Clooney
As smug as ever.

Return to Horror High has a lot a good qualities.  The acting is prime, the dialog is great, there’s a boom in the shot, and the movie alternates between being a movie and having a movie in it… in fact, it’s pretty meta.  I don’t want to give anything away on this one, it’s worth watching.  It’s not a movie you hear too much about, and we only found it by accident, but put it on your list and give it a chance.

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