Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

Today, you get a bonus movie, because… well, The Apple.  Yes, you should probably give it a go, but when you’re done humming along to songs about BIM, you’re going to want to watch a really good movie to shock you back into wanting to be alive.  So, let’s get you cheered up a bit.  In 1987, Canadian rocker, historian, bodybuilder, screenwriter, and actor Jon Mikl Thor (of the heavy metal band Thor) made a movie called Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare.  In some places, places where it’s not illegal to use the word “hell,” it’s called The Edge of Hell.
Rock n Roll Nightmare Triton
It’s time to embarrass the devil.
The movie starts with a bit of a cold opening, but then quickly jumps to a cool band called Triton arriving at a remote farmhouse in Canada to record their new album in a barn-studio.  Actually, it doesn’t quickly jump to Triton’s arrival- as with Manos and Birdemic, you have to watch Triton drive to the location, which takes about 20 minutes.  When they reach the farmhouse, though, there’s evil, and it starts turning the band members into demons.  OR the evil creates demonic doppelgangers.  I don’t know.
Rock n Roll Nightmare Duckie
Duckie gives the band a pep talk.
Triton performs awesome songs, and sex is had by various couples, even with demons and evil all around them.  You’ll be rocking out and watching ’80s boobs like never before.  Then, just when things look bleak for Jon Mikl Thor’s character (he’s obviously the star in his own movie), there’s a huge revelation that turns everything on its head.  After that, he fights the devil and the movie ends.
Rock n Roll Nightmare Minions
Triton’s sex toys.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare was filmed in SEVEN DAYS on a 100,000 dollar budget, but you would never know either of those things by watching this movie.  Just kidding- one of those two numbers will be really apparent, and the other is mind-boggling.  Characters engage in pointless dialog, band members are demons then maybe aren’t, heavy metal is played… in the end, with the big reveal I mentioned, the movie makes complete sense and it’s entirely rad.

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