Samurai Cop

Samurai Cop Action Face
Go Time.

THIS is what I want to see when I’m looking for a good “bad movie.”  I hate, though, to call this a bad movie, because I think it undermines the merits of this kind of movie.  Everything doesn’t have to be Citizen Cain and Avatar the Last Airbender, so why think of it as “bad?”  Samurai Cop is one of those Perfect Storm movies, where all of the right/wrong qualities converge to somehow create something really special.  In this case, a long haired cop who can allegedly speak Japanese, and who fights with a samurai sword serves as your protagonist.  Naturally, this movie has an awesome story, awesome dialog, awesome fight scenes, lots of boobs (and more than that!), sexual harassment that bothers no one, gun fights, a flamingly bizarre waiter, great facial expressions, mistakes, the kind of acting you really need for this movie to work, DVD cover art that has almost nothing to do with the movie itself, an explosive police chief, and Robert Z’Dar.

Samurai Cop Frank's Face
Cut to Frank for the face.

Samurai Cop is the story of Joe Marshall.  He’s fluent in Japanese and knows martial arts, although you never really see much of this in the movie.  In fact, the only time he translates any Japanese is when he explains that “katana” means “Japanese sword.”  Along with his cool, black partner Frank (master of facial expressions), Samurai Joe must stop the Katana Gang.  Before that, though, he has to hit on every woman he finds.  I could write pages of praise for Samurai Cop, it’s so good on so many levels, but I won’t.  Stop reading this, and go watch Samurai Cop.  It’s called SAMURAI COP.  Movies like this don’t exist anymore.

Samurai Cop Nagels
This movie has NAGELS! NAGELS!!!! Plus this guy.

This is actual dialog from the movie, after Frank crawls under a fence:

Joe: Why did you go under?

Frank: ‘Cause I’m an undercover cop.

This is entirely fantastic.  Own this movie.

Samurai Cop Intensity
Samurai Cop is Intense

Get it on Amazon. There is also a sequel now.

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