Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 - Garbage Day
What? No!

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is the direct sequel to Silent Night Deadly Night, which you may or may not have seen.  If you haven’t, don’t rush out to see it just yet, I’ll explain why in a minute.  I’m also going to refer to it as SNDL from now on, because if this says Silent Night Deadly Night again, it’s going to look like a bunch of visual noise.  So, SLDL is an early 80’s horror film that a lot of people were up in arms about because it features a guy dressed like Santa killing people.  Everybody knows that in the U.S., we do NOT misappropriate iconic figures.  The movie spawned a bunch of sequels, each having less and less to do with the original film.  SNDN2 is the most pure of the sequels- although SNDN3 features the same killer (but a different actor) as its predecessor, it also features a psychic teenager…

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 Santa Kills
Time for milk and cookies.

So, SNDN2 is built around Ricky Caldwell, the younger brother of the Santa-clad killer in the first film.  What’s great about SNDN2 is that you don’t have to watch SNDL first- it actually includes all of the important parts, making this something like a clip show, framed by Ricky Caldwell somehow totally accurately recalling events he never witnessed.  You’re really getting two movies for the price of one.  Why not just watch SNDL, and forget about the sequel?  Because who cares about the original when you also get Ricky Caldwell?  It’s like buying a Snake-Eyes figure when there’s a Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow two-pack hanging right next to it.  Ricky Caldwell may be the sole reason to watch any movie, ever.  When he’s not recalling his brother’s past, he’s recalling his own… and it’s entirely fantastic.  He’s super strong, he kills people without any problem, and he loves to laugh.  Plus his eyebrows are highly animated.

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 Ricky's Revenge
Ricky’s Revenge

This movie has some internet fame for Ricky’s line, “Garbage day,” but there’s more to this movie than that line.  Ricky is played by Eric Freeman, and I legitimately enjoyed his performance here.  Aside from the 30 or so minutes of SNDN footage, we get murder by umbrella, a grateful girlfriend who doesn’t care that you murdered her boyfriend, a girlfriend who only sort of seems upset that you killed her ex-boyfriend, and ineffectual cops.  I found myself rooting for Ricky, he’s a likeable guy.  He seems jovial, but there’s some anger inside, and Freeman more or less makes this apparent.

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 Umbrella Kill
That’s how the authorities found him. Making this face.

Why watch 160 minutes of movie, when you can just watch 88?  Silent Night Deadly Night 2 features some of it’s predecessor’s greatest hits, coupled with a lot of great news scenes and excellent dialog.  They sell this movie as a 2-in-1 DVD, along with SNDL, which is already included IN Silent Night Deadly Night 2, but you may have a hard time finding it on DVD by itself.  I own this one, because don’t not own it, it’s great.  At the very least, watch it, but I’m going to go ahead and say “own it!”

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