The Human Tornado

The Human Tornado Fight
There’s plenty of this…

The Human Tornado, also known as Dolemite II, is the sequel to Dolemite.  It stars Rudy Ray Moore, who was also in Disco Godfather, a favorite of mine.  There are 3 or 4 Dolemite movies… the 4th one isn’t technically Dolemite, but it is, basically.  While I prefer Disco Godfather, The Human Tornado has a lot going for it, too.  Like Ernie Hudson, for example.

The Human Tornado Titties
and just enough of this.

Dolemite returns home from a successful comedy tour and throws a party at his mansion, but then the police show up because black people are having a party.  Also, Dolemite is having sex with the sheriff’s wife.  You’ll see Dolemite roll naked down a hill.  You’ll see the sheriff shoot and kill his wife.  Naturally, Dolemite and friends decide to leave town for a while.

The Human Tornado Cool Times
Cool Times.

They end up meeting Queen Bee, and getting involved in her crazy story about a mobster kidnapping a couple of her girls, forcing her to close up shop and work for him.  So, Dolemite has to save everyone and also the sheriff is still after him for killing his wife.  You get a pretty decent kung fu finale, to boot.  This movie is obviously worth watching.

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