Troll 2

Whenever it comes up in conversation that I watch bad movies, 9 times out of 10, someone will say “Oh, like Troll 2?”  Yes, like Troll 2.  This should have been one of the first ones on my list, since everyone already knows about it, but it’s not actually one of my favorites.  It’s got a lot of great moments, sure, and in those 9 times out of 10 I just mentioned, half of those times, people will go ahead and quote this:

 Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It’s hard to argue with that, but at the same time, the movie also has some pretty lengthy boring parts.  While Troll 2 is a good starter movie, I’m not sure I’d come back to it again and again.  I think it’s comparable to Silent Night Deadly Night 2, actually.  The two have a lot of similarities, though in the end, I think SNDN2 is the better of the two.

Troll 2 stinkeye
There’s definitely top-notch, Batman & Robin-quality acting

This movie was originally called Goblins, but someone decided to call it Troll 2 instead, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with Troll.  There aren’t even any trolls in the movie.  The script was written by two people who didn’t speak English, and the story revolves around goblins who turn people into plants and then eat them.

Troll 2 Kid's Dingus
Unlike Dalton, this kid WILL show you his dick.

Troll 2 works well in a group setting, and there’s a Rifftrax version, too, though I haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll leave that up to you.  At the very least, the movie is worth watching, and you could probably watch it multiple times, but whether or not you have it in your collection will be up to you.

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