This week, I’m posting TWO movies, because Gary A. Brown is greedy.  The first movie is UNDEFEATABLE, a 1993 film made by the same guy who made Catman in Lethal Track.  Unlike Catman, though, Undefeatable is an entire, coherent film.  Coherent in that it contains one set of characters who interact with each other, and a story that doesn’t confuse itself.

Did you see that?  I shouldn’t even have to sell you on this movie.  Undefeatable is everything great about a “good bad movie.”  Cynthia Rothrock (the real life inspiration for Sonya Blade) must avenge the death of her sister at the hands of a crazy eyed, curly mulleted, martial artist serial rapist named Stingray.

The script is great, the dialog is great, the delivery is great.  The fight scenes are ridiculous (though unfortunately the actual movie doesn’t feature animated sword sparks).  The ending is entirely fantastic.  I would rank this one up there with Samurai Cop and Miami Connection.  It’s worth having in your collection.  Buy it on Amazon and watch it several times.

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