Vamp Grace Jones Dancer
Johnny Depp as Grace Jones

Vamp is almost your typical ’80s movie.  When two too-smart-for-everyone-else college students, AJ and Keith, decide that their frat initiation ceremony is lame and needs a stripper, they head out to the bad side of town to find one.  Before they can go, though, they need a car, so they borrow one from The Goofy Asian Guy, Duncan, on the condition that they must be his best friends for a week.  The ’80s were a simpler time.

Vamp Albino Street Gang
The albino street gang.

The nightclub they find is run by Grace Jones as a vampire and her Renfields.  They can’t just leave, though, because there’s a weird gang outside lead by an albino that AJ pissed off earlier.  Plus the Renfields are on to them.  Fortunately, they do spend time running around the city at night, because the color choices are fantastic.

Grace Jones Vampire
Grace Jones as Grace Jones.

One of the friends becomes a vampire, a waitress joins the party, and the survivors spend the night trying to survive while making quips and perpetuating ’80s vampire movie tropes.  Still, it’s pretty good.  I said that Vamp is almost typical, but it’s not quite there- it has some subtle differences that make it its own thing, and I would recommend watching this one.  It reminded me of From Dusk Til Dawn, though Jones’ strip tease is probably superior to Hayek’s snake dance.

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