Wishmaster Genie Suicide
Genie’s got a gun.

Hey, great, a Wes Craven movie.  What could go wrong?  This time, we get an evil genie who sort of grants wishes, but in evil ways, and they don’t even have to be wishes.  You can just make comments sometimes, and the genie will grant them.  Other times, he does not even listen to what you are asking for, he just does his own thing.  At one point, the protagonist, Alexandra Amberson, wants to know what the genie is, or what he’s all about, so he teleports her inside the fire opal he lives in.  How does that grant her wish?  It doesn’t.

Wishmaster Cool Party
This party is made better by the fact that Candyman is the bouncer.

So, a genie is wandering around the city, killing people and granting wishes statements, while Alexandra hangs out with Robert Englund and tries to figure out how to stop a genie.  This movie is pretty lazy, the exposition is face-punchingly expositional, and everything follows the formula this sort of movie follows- there is nothing new here.  I bet you can’t figure out, within the first 5-10 minutes, HOW Alexandra will beat the genie in the end.

Wishmaster Fire Opal
If I weren’t a scientist, I’d say there’s a wishmaster living in this rock!

That said, I have seen this movie more times than I should have.  It’s not even very good!  It has some sort of appeal, though.  Somehow, Wishmaster spawned 3 sequels, although I’m pretty sure they were all direct-to-video.  That does not mean you should not watch them.  I saw bits and pieces once during a Wishmaster marathon, and I will probably watch them all in full, eventually.  At the same time, this does not mean you SHOULD watch them.  You could totally skip Wishmaster and be ok.

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